TUNRA: The New Future of Research-driven Industry Solutions

The University of Newcastle Research Associates (TUNRA) is the University’s research to business arm (R2B).

TUNRA connects industry with the commercial and applied research outputs of the University of Newcastle (UON).

TUNRA is a client facing, service based entity; a place where industry and business come to access current, research driven solutions to real-world issues.

Our successes

Engineering consultancy and design expertise

Our mechanical, marine and electrical engineering experts are equipped to provide business-specific design solutions to address operational and productivity problems in heavy and primary industry.

Bulk materials handling and flow property testing

Our reputation for bulk solids handling and flow property testing in resource and agriculture has been globally recognised for more than 40 years.

Laboratory services and prototyping workshops

TUNRA operates first-class facilities that are available to internal (UON) and external service-seekers.

Bureau services for ground-breaking research projects

We have established successes in hosting medical research and environmental service commercialisation projects.

Fire and explosion testing

Our chemical engineers undertake specialised and standardised fire and explosion tests that mitigate production risks associated with volatile and combustible particles in light and heavy industries

Energy technologies and environmental services

TUNRA is aligned with UON expertise and work closely with researchers who are developing technologies and solutions for local, regional and global issues in the energy, resources, food and water sectors.


We undertake the consultancy services and implement the practical application of research to benefit industry. We’re a commercial entity, which means we thrive in a responsive, industry-focused environment and we love seeking out research-led solutions for our business and industry partners.

Our core business is to:

  • Provide a flexible business framework to support University investment, product development, commercial distribution, marketing and communication activities, as well as personnel and account management.
  • Work with government authorities, corporate bodies and persons or companies engaged in industries, commerce and primary production in researching and carry out experiments, testing and prototyping services for industry and UON on a do-and-charge basis.
  • Advise on and apply methods, techniques, procedures and systems for the solution of problems arising from research in the social and commercial sciences.

We facilitate presentations of vocational instruction, seminars and conferences for individuals, companies or organisations. We are tasked by the University of Newcastle with improving professional practice in fields of industry or commerce related to the research work of the University.

We promote and advance the value of research conducted by the University.

TUNRA stands for The University of Newcastle Research Associates. We are the University’s business arm, undertaking practical application of UON research for industry.

Does your industry or business seek the expertise that comes from engaging with higher education and post-graduate research, but may not be in a position to

a) know who can or how to develop solutions to your problems, or

b) retain these service costs in-house?

TUNRA operates an agile customer-service model that allows us to enter in commercial contracts that can be complex for a University.

We offer a flexible platform for businesses and industries to access the outputs of UON research and purchase expert, tailored and cost-effective solutions.

Our primary aim is to develop commercial opportunities where the University can apply and continually develop research for industry and commerce. This creates an enormous advantage for UON by promoting research in impactful ways that also advance industries in our regions of reach.

TUNRA has a long history (plus-40 years) in commercial services using UON-born expertise in:

  • Engineering,
  • Mining,
  • Resources,
  • Primary production,
  • Medical research,
  • Environmental services.

We also facilitate training, seminars and industry professional development short courses.

We have provided our expertise locally, regionally and globally.

Imagine the flexibility and growth potential your new or diversifying commercial entity could pursue if you could test the waters with minimal overheads. What if you had access to cost-effective services in:

  • Accounts and financial management
  • Human resource management – recruitment, employment contracts, payroll
  • Service development, communication and marketing tools and support
  • Event management

TUNRA’s bureau – or hosting – service is an excellent ‘next-phase’ solution for small, start up or spin-off companies. Once research has been commercialised and is ready to move to the next level of operational development and growth, TUNRA offers a fee-for-service structure to provide administrative solutions many smaller organisations wish to avoid in their first years.

our skills and facilities