Testing and Workshop Services

Large-scale commercial and
industrial research and development
projects facilitated through UON Centres
Expert testing and laboratory services
(e.g. flow properties, materials handling,
fire and explosion)
Large-scale workshop services
to enable prototyping of scaled designs

In application:

TUNRA Energy has commenced with commercial energy testing, combustible environment simulation services, and site risk, safety and compliance assessments for the energy sector.

The TUNRA Energy Fire and Explosion Testing project has resulted in the development one of a kind VAM Abatement Safety capture duct technology. In application, this critical safety infrastructure has shown to eliminate the risk of potential methane gas explosion which may occur during fugitive methane gas abatement process in underground mines.

The duct system has been designed and constructed to large scales capable of handling large volume of exhausted gas from the extractive industries and underground mines. It can be easily engineered to be implemented and/or retrofitted in sites across Australia and the world.

This technology will make a significant contribution to the reduction in uncontrolled methane gas emissions into the atmosphere, and therefore has important implications for industry attempting to address emissions in their own sector.